Forming a Q: PM Edition

After a lovely meal with friends and colleagues, The Buzz had a chance encounter with a homeless gentleman that set the question wheels of the mind turning. Turn along with The Buzz after the jump.

Crowds fill the National Mall ahead of t

It’s happened to everyone before: A homeless man or woman will inquire whether or not you can spare change and you say no; not because you’re a miser, but because they money you possess is in larger denominations–5s, 10s, etc. And of course you feel terrible because you wanted to be helpful but, for whatever reason, need most of the money on your pocket–not all but most–and can’t break the bill. Considering the fact you want to be helpful and the reasonable assumption that you are not the only person this man or woman has gone to, The Buzz wonders this:

Is it rude to ask a homeless person if they’re able to make change?