Forming a Q: AM Edition

You've had you're coffee (and possibly a croissant). It's time to get into the Question of the Day, AM style. So strap on your thinking cap and saddle up. And don't even think about not answering. The Buzz  has little compunction about getting Attorney General Holder on the phone.


"One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic." --Josef Stalin

As more bilking billionaires and the Ponzi schemes that loved them come to light, The Buzz can't help but feel like these gentlemen, like many of the wealthy and well-heeled, are not going to get their just desserts. They may get desserts, but it seems with each passing day they will not be just. Madoff & Co., not unlike Arthur Andersen and Friends before them, swindled billions of dollars. BILLIONS. Thousands of millions. The term gets tossed around so casually these days that it's magnitude gets lost on most people. And that fact, coupled with the muscle these thieves still have, often leads to slaps on the wrist and, sternly wagged fingers and little more, despite having ruined the lives of scores of people. So The Buzz wonders this:

With regard to prosecution, does the level of fraud work in Madoff & Bros. favor?