Don't Hog The Ball, All-Star

The superstars in the NBA are passing more and that is a good thing for the game.

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You can’t have a whole team present for “Sunday conversation;” you need a star.

The current crop of superstars—LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and several others—grew up on Jordan Version 2.0, and it shows. Each has a solid team-oriented game (the most salient criticism of James seems to be that he’s too unselfish, a good flaw to have). Yao Ming, Dwyane Wade, Devin Harris, Tony Parker and Brandon Roy are all team leaders who are immensely talented.

It is a healthy change, and it’s one that is good for these times. In this economy, the notion of individual success that lifts all others seems so last administration. A more collective approach to success is in vogue right now, and perhaps a new looking NBA can be emblematic in these troubled times.

Martin Johnson is a regular contributor to The Root.