Cherry Pickin'

No money? No problem! The Buzz is here to spoil you with informational riches from around the world. USA Today touching on Barack flexing his muscle, Alan Greenspan spreading his gospel on The Daily Beast, the BBC proving our money isn't completely worthless and much more. So sit back, click through, and read up. And sweat not. The Buzz totally skimmed the reading.


USA Today: Say what you will, but the man does not waste time.

The New York Times: It's no Purple City Byrd Gang, but it will do.

The LA Times: The truth? You can't handle the truth!

The Chicago Tribune: The last name Burris is having a rough couple of months. Check out our take here.

BBC: Well, at least someone's putting our money to good use.

Al Jazeera: Negotiations between two sides that don't care to negotiate. *Sigh.*

ESPN: It's like the Nuremburg defense, but less plausible.

New Black Woman: Mark Zuckerberg soooo de-friended her.

The Daily Beast: Thanks for your two cents, Alan.

The New Republic: And Nero played the fiddle as Rome burned.