Cherry Pickin'

In lieu of flinging shoes at you, The Buzz has decided to toss up some news and notes to get you on the right track. From cabinet position filling, to Scolding: The Attorney General Edition, to cartoons in questionable taste (at best), we've got the goods to keep you in touch. So sit back, click through and read up.  And don't worry. The Buzz totally skimmed the reading.


The New York Times: Let's just hope she paid her taxes.

The San Francisco Chronicle: If only Arnold could send someone back in time to fix all this. Wait...

The Washington Post: And in other news, water is still wet.

CNN: In case you're wondering, the Attorney General just ethered the United States. And he should have.

BBC: How this guy tossed loafers and lived to tell it The Buzz will never know.

Al Jazeera: So much for first steps.

Race Wire: In the immortal words of Dave Chappelle, "Sorry fella, all full."

Undercover Black Man: Proof we don't just pull outrage out of thin air.

Gawker: Hmmm...

The Hollywood Reporter: While they sort out the details, he'll busy himself dropping another album.