Cherry Pickin'

Although The Buzz only walked away with the number for Mickey Rourke's stylist last night, that doesn't mean all responsibility has been flung to the wind. From a recapping of Oscar night to Zimbabwe's favorite Uncle Bob, The Buzz has the goods to make you look good at the watercooler. So sit back, click through, and read up. And don't worry. The Buzz totally skimmed the reading.


The New York Times: South Asia, stand up.

The Louisville Courier-Journal: And the hits keep coming.

The Wall Street Journal: Somehow, putting it in our hands doesn't seem prudent either.

The New Republic: Tell us how you really feel.

The Huffington Post: A random critique buffet from the original Scream Queen.

Bloomberg: Because if they don't pay, we can't pay for...anything.

ESPN: Just a shame.

CNN: Wearing what you live.

BBC: Who doesn't have a kooky Uncle Bob?

Subrealism: Umm...OK.