Cherry Pickin'

Faithful Buzzonians, we're back with more cherry-picking goodness. The New York Times tells us President Obama is still the scourge of the rich, The Wall Street Journal wants us to know there are faithful lobbyists ready to fight back (for a nominal fee), Al Jazeera demonstrates once again that coins have two sides and much more. (Buzz note: TBT = The Buzz's Take). So sit back, click through, and read up. And fear not. The Buzz has totally skimmed the reading.


The New York Times: Obama looks to tax wealthy to pay for health care

TBT: Who, oh who, will defend the poor defenseless wealthy?!


The Boston Globe: Food stamp applications rise in Massachusetts

TBT: This is one of those times when legacies get written, Governor Patrick.


The Washington Post: An unwanted ally for D.C. residents

TBT: Remember when Mike Tyson held up a 'Free Kobe' sign at a Laker game? This is like that, but probably worse.


The Wall Street Journal: Targeted Industries Mad at Obama, Lobbyists Working Again