Cherry Pickin'

Faithful Buzzonians: It's Friday. Allow us to help you celebrate with a heaping helping of news. The New York Times tells us the GOP is feeling Obama's Iraq plans, Mother Jones keeps us abreast of John Bolton's comments at the CPAC (what a scamp he is!), The Black Snob reminds us that Sam Jackson is not to be messed with and more headlines after the jump. So sit back, click through and read up. And don't worry. The Buzz totally skimmed the reading.

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TBT: Something tells us these gentlemen have been keeping up with the chats of a former junior senator from Illinois.


TBT: People tend to get froggy when you're in their pocket.


TBT: What do you think we're going to say? That John Bolton is a..."real character."


TBT: We like to call it "The Obama Cut." It's the President's uppercut speech style; his special way of punching everyone in America, but punching them up and toward being a better version of themselves. The Obama Cut (tm).