Cherry Pickin’

Faithful Buzzonians: It's Friday. Allow us to help you celebrate with a heaping helping of news. The New York Times tells us the GOP is feeling Obama's Iraq plans, Mother Jones keeps us abreast of John Bolton's comments at the CPAC (what a scamp he is!), The Black Snob reminds us that Sam Jackson is not to be messed with and more headlines after the jump. So sit back, click through and read up. And don't worry. The Buzz totally skimmed the reading.


The New York Times: Obama’s Iraq Pullout Plan Gains GOP Support, Hell Freezing Over

TBT: Hm. Perhaps the President really can get somewhere with this “purpling” of the government. Or maybe they’re just biding their time.


The Washington Post: Pondering a Newspaper Bailout, Constitution Sighs

TBT: Going against the spirit of the free market is questionable enough. Bailing out the “free press” just invites a brave new world few want. At some point, even legitimate financial difficulty cannot overshadow founding principles.


The Los Angeles Times: Doing Time? Consult a Jailhouse Litigator (And Bring a Carton of Smokes)

TBT: This must be a growth industry. You have to love this country: You can get just about anything for a price.