Real Chance of ‘Glove’

Ann Coulter’s appearance Monday on The View generated a medium-sized ripple of controversy in African America when she channeled Bill Cosby, going “Come On, People” on single mothers.  Are single moms the problem, or is it a failure to “suit up?”


Ann Coulter is still Ann Coulter—the same love-to-hate-her far right wing demagogue that she always was. But she’s enjoying something of a renaissance in the black community. First she was oh-so-tenderly depicted in season two of The Boondocks (“I fucks with these crab cakes”) and now she’s getting at least a modicum of traction for her stark comments on The View about single mothers taking responsibility for out of control out of wedlock births, specifically, single mothers of multiple kids with multiple fathers.


Although typically a coded attack on single black mothers, this time, Coulter’s comments aren’t being dismissed out of hand. For one thing, it’s not that far off from what Frances Cress Welsing has been telling people for 20 years. And sistapundit Kelli Goff agreeing with Coulter writes for The Huffington Post, “If anything, Coulter’s assertion that single motherhood, not race, is the real indicator when it comes to socio-political issues, like crime, may be one of the least racist things she has ever said.”


For two mornings in a row, The Buzz has listened to callers on The Russ Parr Morning Show debate Coulter’s comments, and there seem to be two camps—A. single dads are half-stepping, or B. single moms are trifling. The Buzz has to weigh in here—has anybody ever heard of condoms? If Jimmy is wearing a hat, nine times out of 10, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the father is a good provider, or even a good guy.  Ladies and gentlemen, if you like it then you should have put a sleeve on it. Stop off in aisle 12 at Target for a three-pack and keep it moving: “loaf of bread, quart of milk, stick of butter,” toothpaste, lotion...condoms. How is this hard? Got Milk? No, but…