Our First 40 Days

Between Inauguration Day and the end of Black History Month, a pledge for black renewal.

Getty Images

Sometimes new politics means more than just new voters, new leaders and new policies. There are times when it serves as the spark for something more. Now is that time for African Americans.

There is a call out there for a ”Festive 40-Day Fast for the Future.” The idea is to establish and achieve a series of short-term goals for the 40-day period from the inauguration to the end of Black History Month. If we can do these things, using the swell of black pride generated by the Obamas in the White House, we can begin to correct some of the negative patterns in our communities.

The goals are simple. Here they are:

No black-initiated crime during the 40 days, a truce, if you will.

No black truancy from school during the 40 days.

No black-on-black violence during the 40 days.

No bitches, no niggaz and no hoes for 40 days.

The first three goals may seem repetitive, but they’re not.

The first involves nonviolent crimes such as theft, breaking and entering, and other property crimes that do not involve physical harm. The second is self-explanatory. A moratorium on drug distribution may be the perfect complement to the no-truancy goal.