Madea's Bustin' Out -- Again!

Word on the street -- at least, the street The Buzz lives on -- is that Tyler Perry is coming out with a new movie. "Madea Goes to Jail" is scheduled to open on February 20th. Be sure to expect Perry's very own brand of moviemaking; preaching paired with slapstick comedy. Just one request, though: Please Mr. Perry, don't do us like "Daddy's Little Girls."


Madea Goes to Jail coming to a theater near you on Feb. 20th. So, what should you expect?


Well, like all the Tyler Perry movies thus far, you're sure to see a few familiar faces. Derek Luke (Antoine Fisher) and everyone's favorite Huxtable kid, Rudy a.k.a Keisha Knight Pulliam have both been cast. You should also expect Madea to act a fool.  Mr. Perry's alter ego has had past run-ins with the law, but this time the Po-pos dun got 'er! This pistol-packing grandma will be dealing with a high-speed freeway chase, a hard-hitting DEA and a prostitute/drug addict who's in need of some tough love.


And while everyone may not be a fan of Mr. Perry's work, the box office numbers of his past films pack about as much heat as Madea does in her girdle.