Letters to the Obama Girls

A few new friends welcome Malia and Sasha to Washington D.C.



My name is Maya Cobb and I am six years old and I am so happy for you and your family. I think it will be so fun to live in the White house. I went before with my parents.  Do you like American Girl Dolls? I Do. I have 3. I have Josephina, Julia and Mia. I love to play with them and dress like them. What are you going to name your puppy? I hope to get a puppy. Soon. I want to name it Cutie. I love to go to the Zoo and Museums. You will like living in Washington D.C.

Your friend,



Welcome to Washington! My name is Lauryn Collins and I am 10 years old. I attend Holy Trinity School in Bowie, Maryland, right outside of Washington D.C. My favorite hobby is dancing. I dance at C + C Dance Company. What is your favorite hobby? I also play the clarinet. Do you play an instrument? I think you will like living in Washington D.C., it's a beautiful city with a lot to do. My parents and I go to the Kennedy Center to see plays, and we go to museums. My favorite museum is called the Newseum. You can see historical newspapers and exhibits but my favorite exhibit is when you pretend to be a reporter. You can solve mysteries and play reporter games. I hope to meet you one day!


Lauryn Collins