Sen. Jesse “No. 5” Jackson, Jr.?

So, "Blagojevich," has been one of the most repeated names in the past week. Now, at least there's a name we can pronounce being thrown into the mix. Too bad it's this one...


The Illinois Governor was arrested for attempting to bribe aspirants for the vancant senate seat that President-elect Obama has left. With this episode, it is clear that the old ways of politics are not over. But, who would ever expect that Lil Jesse to be involved? I mean, we all knew his father was conniving, but even Junior has reprimanded Pops more than once. ABC News reported that Jackson Jr. is the fifth person who offered Blagojevich up to a million dollars for the vacant seat. So, if it’s true, is this how it will go: Jesse Jr. wanted so much to ride the change wave that he reverted to old tactics? Say it ain’t so, Jesse Jr! Well, at least he had the sense enough to do so.