New Study Substantiates West's Claim

After the natural and government disaster--Hurricane Katrina--Kanye West made the claim that "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Today, a new study by professors at Northeastern University reports that murders of black teens has risen by 39% since 2000-01. Now, Buzz isn't saying that Dubbya did this himself. But, I am saying that the report signifies a likely breakdown in leadership that idicates a lack of concern for African Americans.


Today, the Wall Street Journal reports that murders of black teenagers have risen by 39% since 2000-01. The article cites a study realeased by professors at Northeastern University that compares data from 2000-01 with data from 2006-07 in order to reduce irregularities with the statistics. The study defines teenagers as people ages 14 to 17. The results are even more distressing and confusing when they are compared to the rates of white teenagers whose increase across the same time was more than half of black kids'. Co-author of the study, James Alan Fox cites reduction in spending for law-enforcement and youth activities, which dispraportionately affect black youth in communities with poor schools and less adult supervision. It seems that Kanye West's assertion stands true, and that there are unfair mishandlings in government and social programs that place minorities at disadvantages and endanger their survival. This report gives us another reason to be hopeful for Obama and a new approach to government and leadership.