Dolls Like Me

This Christmas our daughters should have an authentic black doll, not a white one dipped in chocolate.

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After hours of searching online and browsing store ads, I found only one doll whose hair looked like something approaching the reality of my daughters' texture. I ordered it immediately. Her name? Christie. She's Barbie's Hershey-hued sidekick who, in at least one incarnation, emerged with some curly, kinky, frizz-prone hair. She will soon be joined by Les Dollies Dolly Tina by Corolle, a round-faced, broad-nosed, whimsically dressed plush doll who sports a round, lush 'fro, and the Black Les Cheres Cecile Doll (also by Corolle), whose curly tresses approximate those of my 16-month-old.

I want my daughters to be able to smile back at their dolls because they can see themselves in them. It's forced me to raise my doll standards. Because without them, the stakes are simply too high.

K. Danielle Edwards is a Nashville-based poet, writer and communications specialist whose works have appeared in MotherVerse Literary Magazine, The Black World Today,, and more. Poems by Edwards will be published in the Spring 2009 issue of Black Magnolias Literary Journal.