My First Thanksgiving

When playing host for the first time, the mission is simple—look fabulous, cook fabulous.

Now on to the main event. A while ago, I read an article in GQ that made the process of brining a turkey seem ridiculously easy. Basically, you give the bird a kosher salt water bath for a day; jam it into the oven and voilà. I figure if the recipe was in a men’s magazine, then it can’t be difficult. What is hard is finding the magazine from two years ago with the recipe in it.

I type in “turkey brine easy” on Food Network’s Web site. Sunny Anderson, host of Cooking for Real, has a recipe for a roasted turkey breast with peach rosemary glaze that calls for a two-hour brining. Sunny looks like me—single and ready to mince—so I’m feeling confident about making two turkey breasts to feed 8 people.

It takes less than 30 minutes and $75 to add the ingredients for everything to the online grocery store account I never use. So next Wednesday, I’m expecting presents—from Giant, Target, J. Crew and Crate and Barrel to my nerves—boxes filled with packaged goods that I plan to transform into a day of giving thanks.

Helena Andrews is a regular contributor to The Root.