A Knicks State of Mind

Once upon a time, the team moved with the throb of Midtown. What happened?

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Meanwhile, the new regime at the Garden simply wants to prove that the current roster can actually still play basketball. A good general manager never trades a player when his value is lowest, and everyone in a Knicks uniform except forward David Lee, swingman Wilson Chandler and guard Nate Robinson is at the nadir of the value. This season will be about restoring market value to the players on the roster.

Since they play in Madison Square Garden, which probably is—as it claims—the world's most famous arena, and since New York City is the league's biggest market, Commissioner David Stern would love to have a winning Knicks team as part of the NBA's showcase, but it won't happen soon.

"Crawling from the wreckage" isn't much of an ad campaign, but it will be an apt description for the Knicks this season and maybe next year, too.

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