Back to School Fitness for Grown-ups

Too many BBQs and lazy beach reads? Here's an old-school approach to getting back in gear.

NBAE/Getty Images
NBAE/Getty Images

· Aerobic fitness 

· Muscular strength and endurance 

· Flexibility 

· Body composition


Are You Healthy Enough For Testing? 

Before you break out your high tops, the council has some guidelines and a basic questionnaire to determine if you’re healthy enough to participate (basically to avoid lawsuits). It’s a brief survey requiring yes or no answers, but to get a more complete picture of your health, use the test as an excuse to get a thorough checkup. Your kids have already been cleared since most states require students to have a complete physical and to get their immunizations updated before returning to school. That scheduled event helps parents stay on top of their child’s health. Adults, on the other hand, don’t have a built-in reminder, so try coordinating your kid’s visit to the doctor with one of your own. 

Once you’ve self-assessed with the questionnaire and get the go ahead that the test won’t kill you (just embarrass you), you can review the requirements. 

· Timed 1-mile walk and 1.5-mile run including heart rate 

· Timed half sit-ups and push-ups