Brett’s a Jet

Favre was sent packing to New York, so now, the Gang Green matters.

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A lot of announcers have compared this trade to Joe Montana going to Kansas City at the end of his career, but at Football Outsiders, they made the equally apt comparison of Warren Moon going from Houston to Minnesota in 1994. Like Favre, Moon was 38 when he changed teams. He took a moribund Viking offense and made it one of the best in the league. Brett will probably do the same with the Jets.

The track record of veteran quarterbacks changing teams is pretty good; most new teams experience a bump in their offensive production (the improved passing game tends to improve the running game), and Favre is on a team that had identified and addressed their most crucial weaknesses already. The only question is whether he and his new teammates can get on the same page in a mere month before the games start counting. Considering that Favre always seemed to play as if he scratched out the play on the turf during the huddle, I imagine that the new system won't be that hard for him to learn.

Without the upgrade at QB, I'd figured that the Jets would improve to 8-8, but with Favre it's easy to see them returning to rollercoaster peak and going 10-6 and possibly making it to the second weekend of the playoffs where Indianapolis, New England or San Diego will dispatch them. That would mark a very successful season for the Jets. And if they get Favre to mentor Clemens, then the trade will provide windfall benefits into the future as well.

Martin Johnson is a New York writer.

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