Twenty-Five Minutes of Hell

Or the most effective workout ever.

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5. Hmmmm, rest? Not really. Don't stop completely, instead keep moving but at a slower pace and avoid letting your heart rate drop back to normal. After all, this is exercise and you're supposed to be exerting yourself. To make the most of your time, move fluidly between exercises and practice active recovery.

This program uses jumping rope as the cardio foundation. It's effective and efficient and will give you the most bang for your buck. Each cardio segment is matched with a concentrated period of interval training. Typical interval workouts have a 1-3 ratio where there's a cardio or other intense exercise segment followed by a rest period that's 3x longer. In reality the body doesn't require a triple recovery time so this workout has cardio intervals followed by moderate-paced recovery intervals consisting of strength based exercises including ab, arm and leg work.

Start with a 2-minute warm up, which SHOULD NOT include a lot of static stretching. Instead of over-stretching your muscles, the idea is to get them warmed up for activity by increasing the blood flow. You should also start to get your heart rate up. Try walking and swinging arms.

Start the clock. Ready, set, jump!

Jump rope for 1 minute. Jumping rope is hard so don't worry if you can't jump for the entire time. Just jump as long as you can and keep moving by jumping and turning the rope in one hand for 60 seconds.

Toss the rope aside and do a set of split jumps for 30 seconds:

Start with hands behind head and torso erect one foot in front and one in back. Quickly jump and scissor/shuffle feet back and forth.

Then move on to a set of back lunges for 30 seconds:

Hands still behind head and feet together hip-width apart, lunge back on right leg bending both knees and dropping butt down in the middle. Come back to start, and then lunge back on left leg.

Pick up the rope and jump for 1 minute.

Toss the rope and do jump burpees for 30 seconds: