The Low-Budget Vegan

The Low-Budget Vegan

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Much has been made about Oprah going vegan for 21 days.

But she, of course, does not have to worry about managing her vegan eating plan on a budget like I do. As a vegetarian, do I have to give up the items I have become accustomed to because they are more expensive as a result of rising gas prices? Or are the rising costs of commodities, including food, a blessing in disguise?

Although the faltering economy is causing many of us to "cut corners" and "pinch pennies," it has also given rise to a new creativity in many areas. Case in point: I awoke one morning, drank my water, relaxed a bit, began grading research projects and then ate some fruit. About two hours later, I got hungry! I went to the kitchen, found some cereal opened the refrigerator door, and exclaimed, "I do not have any milk!"

With the rising costs of gas and food, I personally have had to cut back on high-priced brands in favor of knock-offs (off-brands). Hemp milk is about $4.00 per 32 ounce container in Northern Virginia where I live. I've heard that those who are not vegan are paying even more for a gallon of milk!

Staring at the milk-less refrigerator, two scenarios flashed in my head. One came from the film Friday, when Ice Cube's character, Craig Jones, goes to the trash can to dump out his cereal.

Craig's Dad: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What are you doing?
Craig: I'm throwing this away. We ain't even got no milk.
Craig's Dad: You better put some water on that damn [cereal]!
Craig: Alright, I'll eat it.

The other was Erykah Badu's song "& On:"