Page Burners

Fourteen hot reads to go wherever summer takes you.

Them , Nathan McCall (352 pages, Atria, $25) Who knew the suburbs would be the setting for the next great racial conflicts? Um, everyone? McCall, author of the prize-winning Makes Me Wanna Holler, takes aim at middle-class racial mores.



Pleasure , Eric Jerome Dickey (449, Dutton, $24.95) Okay, so you say you want a beach book? A really, goofy, sexy, mindless kind of book to throw into your bag, read while lounging, use to hold down the corner of your towel when you’re done? Look no further than this tale of a New Age-y woman on an epic sexual odyssey.



Slumberland , Paul Beatty (256 pages, Bloomsbury, $24.99) In this new novel by the author of White Boy Shuffle, a musical mystery sends one DJ Darky to late ’80s Berlin. This book has serious buzz.