Your Wallet Shouldn’t Be The Only Thing Getting Slim

How to recession-proof your workout.

If you don’t live a walkable distance from your job, you can walk part of the way. One of Adrina’s walking buddies lives in Long Island, and she walks with them over the bridge before hopping on her train.


If walking is too slow, then ride… your bike. It’s another low-cost cardio option. Don’t worry if the last bike you rode had a banana seat and handlebar streamers, it will come back to you. Bike your weekend errands or wrangle friends and family together for an outing.

Join a gym for less

If you want more structure, join a gym, but make sure you’ll use it. The last thing you need during a recession is an additional expense, particularly one with diminishing returns if you find yourself blowing off your workouts. With a gym you’ll have access to cardiovascular equipment, a weight room and specialty classes, from stretch and strength to Pilates and Yoga.

Before you join, shop around and ask for a deal. Gyms are hurting too so they’re more willing to eliminate initiation fees and reduce rates. And check out low cost alternatives like community centers, YMCAs and YWCAs. The facilities are basic, but typically well run and are very family friendly.

DIY Fitness at Home

If you have the discipline and a little space you can exercise at home, at your convenience and without an audience. You can DIY with just a few pieces of equipment but beware the workout infomercial. Economic anxiety might have you up a night tuning in to paid fitness programming, so do yourself a favor and hide your credit cards and turn off the TV.

In your sleep-deprived state you might think that life won’t be complete without the ab/roller, Gazelle, ministepper, etc…It will. And if you absolutely must have that miracle gadget which will eventually morph into a clothes rack, buy it for a couple of bucks at a yard sale.

Instead, create a home gym. Cruise the discount and neighborhood athletic stores, and you can score what you need for about $100.