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Summer Groovin'

The Root 's greatest summer anthems of all time.

Here it is, a groove, slightly transformed...

Damn the iPod.

It will not now and nor will it ever be the cassette tape. Sure, it's fancy and plays music with a clarity that has yet to be surpassed. But a pod-mix just doesn't sound right. There is an art to making a mixtape, an ebb and flow. The beauty of it is that it makes the common man a composer. It blends the music and forces the listener to find the intended groove and see the musical vision.

My dad made mixes all the time. It wasn't so much a hobby as a carefully crafted surgical procedure. So this is my ode to the summer mixtape and to cassette tapes everywhere buried in boxes behind old times that spoke of restlessness and resilience. This is for the flowers that grow every year without insistence, and the breeze that moves without command. This is for summers gone by and the summers to come. This is my all-time summer listening list. Now press Play.


Summertime (the season) just called me and said this is the official anthem of its life.

(mix with Summer Madness—Kool and the Gang)