R. Kelly Gets Schooled

With his latest release, R. Kelly couples his same old thang with new-school tracks, proving, yet again, that the R & B crooner has no business bopping with the kiddies.

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“The passion, the sex, girl, sick like a clinic.”

“Shorty’s screaming aaahh, like I got two in it.”

“Making your body shake like a horror movie.”

“Got the Bentley like a cabin, all wood.”

 “I’m about to blow up in you like a hurricane.”

“Like I’m on the frontlines, a soldier’s gonna wait for ya.”

“Shorty I wanna be your present, girl unwrap me.”


Last year, R. Kelly released a remix to Raheem DeVaughn’s Dream-penned single “Customer,” a song about fast food turned freaky. Toward the end, Kelly sings, “Raheem, young fella, this song reminds me of something that I would do.” It’s an admirable co-sign that shows how much Kelly has inspired other singers with the long-form metaphor technique of his own brilliantly absurd singles like “You Remind Me of Something,” “Sex in the Kitchen” and “Ignition.”