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Big-Time College Sports is no Game

Just ask Clemson tailback Ray Ray McElrathbey who lost his football scholarship, no doubt to somone who can help the Tigers win RIGHT NOW.

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Truth is, drastic times demand drastic action, and the tough tactics go both ways. The talk of the collegiate sports right now is the almost-certain decisions by the less-than-legal brigade of Derrick Rose, 19 [ Memphis]; O.J. Mayo, 20 [USC]; Michael Beasley, 19[Kansas State]; Eric Gordon, 19 [Indiana], and Jerryd Bayless, 19 [Arizona], to forgo their remaining college eligibility and declare themselves eligible for the NBA draft -- and its attendant millions -- just one-year into the four-year commitments they made to their respective institutions.

But before passing any judgment on those decisions, think of Ray Ray and Fahmarr McElrathbey, and realize just how fragile those commitments are, how subject to change they are at the end of each season by people like Tommy Bowden and the corporate interests they represent.

Glenn Minnis is a New York writer.