A Peace of Gold

What do we think about this once-subversive symbol of righteousness now that it's turned 50?


I recently received a catalog of stationery and novelty items in the mail. The collection of peace symbol cards and stickers were hard to resist. I ordered them and when they arrived I affixed stickers to every bill or letter I mailed out. This was so groovy – sending a little peace in the mail. Ah….if only spreading peace was really that easy.

After 50 years of the peace symbol, peace in our streets, city, nation and world continues to be as whimsical as the madcap cat in The Cat in the Hat book. But then again – maybe not. If I remember the story correctly, that cat brought a whirlwind of unrest to a seemingly peaceful home in a quiet neighborhood. But we can dream of a more peaceful world, and labor in the fields of our neighborhoods and cities to cultivate it. We should and be darn right relentless and vigilant about it.

I think I will wear my peace symbol T-shirt, hat, pin, earrings or that elusive headband (if I ever find it) as a visual marker of my solidarity to peace. Besides, it looks good too. Peace (and hair grease if you need it).

Veronica Hendrix is a journalist and television producer based in her native of Southern California.