Old School Jams Meet New School Politics

Partying with a purpose in Atlanta.

Rev. Joseph Lowery and Atlanta city councilman Caesar Mitchell at the Underground in Atlanta.

Some early voting polls had long lines last week, with more than 180,000 early votes cast before the advanced voting ended on Friday. A very large turnout on is expected today, and more than just Obama’s and Clinton’s futures may be decided. Hutchins, the young civil rights leader, announced at Sugar Hill that he was considering running against Rep. Lewis, the popular incumbent and veteran of the bloody Selma voting rights march. The congressman’s backing of Hillary Clinton has convinced some younger leaders like Hutchins that it might be time for a change. “I’ve tried to give my life in public service as a private citizen and now I think it’s time for me to consider doing that as a public official,” Hutchins said.

At the end of the two-hour forum-turned-Obama-pep-rally, DJ Mike eventually turned up the music from his perch so the regulars could get their groove on. But not before reminding them once more of their civic duty. “Hope you had a good time at the forum,” he said. “Get out there and vote on Super Tuesday.”

Vern E. Smith is a contributor for The Root.