Nomadness Travel Tribe: Black Globetrotters Have Seen it All

Exploring the world (Nomadness Travel Tribe)

At this point there are literally only a handful of places in the world that, collectively, the members of Nomadness Travel Tribe have not been to.

As of last count there were just 11 – Nauru, Comoros, Tajikstan, Tuvalu, Uzbekistan, Samoa, Kyrgyzstan, Yemen, the Solomon Islands, Azerbijan and Brunei.

That’s right, those other roughly 185 other independent countries and territories?

Been there, done that.

A crew of more than 4,500 primarily young black and Latin women and men who have made globe-trotting a life mission, members – who range in age from 20 to 60 and organize meet-ups in places as far away as Moscow and Cape Town – pride themselves on traveling far beyond the Caribbean and into some of the furthest corners of the earth. And when they are there chances are they aren’t sunbathing: on the group’s private Facebook page folks constantly one-up each other with tales of their greatest adventures – jumping off the longest and highest suspension bridge in Switzerland; getting a snake massage in Israel; swimming with whale sharks in Honduras; running with the bulls in Panama.

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