1. News

    1. Report: Law Enforcement Receives Bomb Threat For Los Angeles Subway Station

    2. Local Non-Profit Helps Los Angeles High School Students ‘Get Lit’
    3. Judge Rules Cosby Civil Deposition Testimony Can Be Used in Criminal Trial
    4. Muslim NYPD Officer Speaks Out About Being Target of Weekend Hate Attack
    5. #WalterScott: Prosecutor Insists, ‘We Will Try Michael Slager Again’
    6. Mistrial in Murder Case Against Cop Who Fatally Shot Walter Scott
    7. NC Gov. Pat McCrory Concedes Super Close Race
    8. Report: Sacramento Kings Forward Matt Barnes Chokes Woman, Punches 2 Men
    9. Trump Nominates Ben Carson for HUD Secretary
    10. Black People 3 Times as Likely to Die in Police Chases: Report
  2. Culture

    1. We Need More Black People Rooting for Tech Entrepreneurs, Not Just Football Players

    2. We Are All Insecure
    3. Empire Recap: Cookie vs. Clair Huxtable
    4. What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for the AIDS Epidemic in Black America?
    5. On World AIDS Day, Let’s Talk About How HIV-Criminalization Laws Won’t Lead to an AIDS-Free Generation
    6. Confessions of a Bad Dad on the Eve of His 2nd Child
    7. If You Name It Love Jones, They Will Come
    8. Young M.A.: The Most Visible Black Queer Woman in Hip-Hop Is a Misogynist
    9. Unsung: The Story of House Music and Pioneer Frankie Knuckles Is Long Overdue
    10. What to Make of Kanye West?
  3. Lists

    1. The Blackest Moments of the 2016 The Root 100 Gala

    2. 12 Unsung Skills in the Black Community
    3. Thanks to Chance the Rapper, #BlackBoyJoy Is a Thing
    4. 8 GIFs to Celebrate Obama’s Birthday
    5. Happy Birthday, Laurence Fishburne! Celebrate His Most Epic Movie Moments
    6. The Ultimate Breakup Playlist, Inspired by Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaacs
    7. 9 Hilarious RNC Memes
    8. 7 Times Fantasia Took Us to Church With Her Stunning Performances
    9. 6 Black Women Who Are Leading Africa’s Digital Revolution
    10. 10 STEM Summer Camps for Students of Color
  4. Politics

    1. The Love Affair Between Fidel Castro and You Is a Lie

    2. CBC Picks 1 of Its Youngest Chairs Ever, While House Dems Stick With Same Old Leadership
    3. For Muslims in Trump’s America, There’s More to Fear Than Just the Proposed Ban
    4. 4 Ways the Jill Stein Recount Screws Black Voters
    5. 11 Quick and Dirty Facts About Donald Trump’s Latest Cabinet Picks
    6. The 9 Rings of Donald Trump’s Administrative Hell
    7. 7 African-American Politicians Who Will Rise in the Era of Trump
    8. Voting Rights, Already Under Siege, May Fare Worse Under Trump
    9. Our Next President Is a Thin-Skinned Twitter Troll, so What Does This Mean for Artists Who Criticize Him?
    10. Jill Stein Calls for Recounts in Mich., Wis. and Pa.—But Why Is She Leading the Charge and Not Hillary Clinton?
  5. History

    1. What’s the Story of a Portrait of My Slave Ancestor?

    2. How Far Back Can You Trace My Black Family?
    3. Do Freedmen’s Bureau Records Show the Marriage of My Kin?
    4. Using Genetic Testing to Better Understand the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
    5. Can Genetic Testing Be Done on My Late Mother’s Hair?
    6. Can You Help My Dad Find His Father?
    7. Did My Black Ancestor Move Farther South During Slavery?
    8. I Know Who Owned My Ancestors. What Now?
    9. Who Were My Enslaved Ancestor’s Parents?
    10. Am I Related to President Andrew Jackson?
  6. Photos

    1. Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Kicks Off Its Holiday Season With Solange and Jazz

    2. #BuyBlack 2016: 50 Holiday Gift Ideas That’ll Keep Money in Our Community
    3. 10 Black Republicans You’ll Likely See Working for the Trump Administration
    4. 10 Most Unsung New Jack Swing Groups
    5. 10 Signs You’re Dating a Woman With Natural Hair
    6. 10 Reasons You Know You’re a Black Mom
    7. 10 Black Hair-Care Products Every Black Person Has Ever Used
    8. 9 Foods Black People Love That Have Been Ruined by Gentrification
    9. The Cast of Set It Off: Where Are They Now?
    10. 10 Signs You’re Black and From Detroit