Deon Cole’s Apology to the Black Race Is the Blackest Thing That Ever Happened This Week

Deon Cole had something on his heart that he needed to get out. See, he came to Atlanta during Spelhouse and Clark Atlanta homecoming this past weekend (it really was or felt like every damn school in the metro Atlanta area’s homecoming this weekend) and came to a very stark but important realization.


10 Most Common Statements Heard the Monday After an HBCU Homecoming Weekend

For me, the 2017 homecoming season has reached its conclusion. Samesies for several other schools that celebrated their homecoming this past weekend like Howard, Hampton and our homecoming codefendants at Morehouse, Spelman College. Lots of other schools will be celebrating into the next few weeks as we all reminisce…

Justin Timberlake Is Back for the Super Bowl Halftime Show (Side Eye)

In a show of just how far the Super Bowl halftime show has sunk, Justin Timberlake—who hasn’t had an album out in four years—will reportedly be this year’s headliner, once again showing that he will sing black, sound black and get produced by black folks, but when it comes to taking a stand for his “hip” brethren and…