Look at These Cute Ass Babies, Because We're Tired of Looking at White Supremacy 

Folks, it’s been a week, and here at The Root we’re tired. We’re tired of crazy white supremacists and their sympathizers. We’re tired of Trump. We’re tired of just documenting it all and writing about it. But what better way to cleanse your palate of the week’s horrifying news, than to look at some cute ass babies?!

Michael Jackson’s Bad: 30 Years Ago the King of Pop Hit His Prime ... so Why Is That Album Underrated?

What does it mean to be in your prime? Whether you’re an athlete or an artist, it’s that window of time when all your best attributes and virtues are at the same level. When you’re young, your raw talent and physical ability supersede your intelligence and lack of experience. Over time, said experience gets applied to…


‘I Hope Trump Is Assassinated!’: Mo. State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal Investigated by Secret Service for Trump Facebook Post

It all started late Wednesday night after a long day of absorbing the same horrible racist news that the rest of America has been enduring. Nobody feels particularly safe or secure watching the president of the United States give a free hunting license to white nationalists, but it’s particularly hard for Maria…

Real-Life Clayton Bigsby Writes Email Denouncing Black Lives Matter, Supporting Confederate Monuments Because He ‘Wanted to Help’ Trump

Let me preface this by saying that as black people, we always know there is going to be at least one. You know the type. They do the most to set themselves apart from the rest of us black folks because they want to be viewed as “different” and “special.” Even if it means selling other black people up the river, they…