Washed-Up Confederate Flag Waver Who Stole Black Music Says 'Fuck Colin Kaepernick'

You know how sometimes you forget a person’s name even though you can see their face in your mind’s eye? How you can remember everything about them, except their name? That’s the exact state of mental purgatory I find myself in as I write this. I’m sure it’ll come to me before this article is finished, though.


I Don’t Know How to Convince R. Kelly Fans That They Should Give a Shit About Black Girls

What separates R. Kelly—specifically, the support of him, the defense of him and the wagons circling around him—from most other notable moral quandaries is the lack of any sort of reasonable justification for any continued Kelly-centric advocacy or patronage. For instance, it’s no secret now that Chick-fil-A has…

Lil’ Kim Uses Hollywood Medium to Contact Biggie: Would He Even Recognize His ‘Soul Mate’?

We all have that one person from our past whom we probably consider a “soul mate.” That one person you thought you were meant to be with. The one person with whom you thought you shared a bond tighter than superglue. That one person who verbally and physically abused you so bad that you went and changed your face.…