The Most Racist Statue in America is in ... Pittsburgh, and it's the Most Ridiculous Magical Negro You'll Ever See 

There are times, like when watching footage of what happened in Charlotteville, that racism bombards the senses like a virus, leaving your skin sore, your soul hardened, and your spirit fatigued; a disillusioning, full-body wizening that disrupts, destroys, and (occasionally) ends lives.

Potential Martin Shkreli Jurors Want the Judge to Know ‘Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta Fuck Wit’

Prospective jurors in the Martin Shkreli trial have pretty much proven that they can’t be impartial to the money-hungry Pharma-bro, who’s facing up to 45 years in prison for fraud. Sure, a lot of potential jurors are pissed that Shkreli raised the price of an HIV drug almost 5,000 percent, but they have another bone…

Can Ben Carson Just Go Away and Watch NCIS Reruns on a Barcalounger Like Every Other 65-Year-Old Black Man?

I’ve tried very, very, very hard over these past few years, but I just can’t muster much anger toward Ben Carson for the ridiculous and dangerous things he says. Perhaps because he carries himself like a man who goes to Home Depot for the ambience and spends his days saying things like, “I have a wide foot, so I…


Ala. Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against City and Mayor of Birmingham, Ala., for Covering a Confederate Monument

While states across the nation are trying to figure out how to get rid of the second-place trophies of traitors, the Alabama Attorney General’s Office has apparently deemed it a good idea to file a lawsuit against the city of Birmingham and its mayor, William Bell, for allegedly violating state law by covering a…